The most important two things to learn for most people are: speak, and write. If you are able to do both things well, you are invincible. You will be able to influence people’s mind and their behavior. Unfortunately, there isn’t much of things people can learn in public. However there seems to be some patterns, below are list of lesson learned for myself. Hope it is useful. Most applies to both speak and write.

  1. speak the most precise and concise message, using least words.

  2. pause before answer the question. think about questions’ context before come up with answers.

  3. stay on the message, always has a purpose.

  4. never be afraid of silence or not able to use many fancy words. be able to explain things short is good.

  5. state the conclusion before describing the solution.

  6. when in conflicts, the longer you keep the ball in play, the more you learn from each other.

  7. frame the problem in a way that people care about, so that solution hit them.

  8. keep the words very short, don’t use long sentence unless really necessary (or in a way you are confident you can master it).

  9. state the problem instead of describing the solution