I spent some quality time with my daughter last weekend, and it is always interesting to obseve how my baby girl tried to convey and comprehend complicated information with limited wordings.

Sure no expert, but it feels like baby is trying to do a very sophiscated map-reduce process, when it comes to communication. When baby speaks, there is a high chance she is not speaking her mind, and nature avoidance of too complicated stuff - map. Or She use her own way to simplify this world into something she can understand - reduce.

This also poses a challenge to me, as I need to be very selective in what words to use when trying to get the message into her mind.

For example, this is a typical conversation I had in the weekend:

me: hey, baby, can you count from 1 to 10

baby: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ........

me: hey, girl, how many hands you have

baby spent some quality time to look at her hands, and I can literally see her mentally counting 1, 2, … then she proudly loud out with strong confidence : ~three

I could be overthinking for some time. But I feel this is not the scenario only applies to baby. When people dealing with complexity more than they could handle , I see chances they use simialr strategy. Either they are not speaking their mind, or they draw into wrong conclusion based off misleading facts, or even worse, causing cascading damages.

I guess it takes practices to speak and write precisely. Just some interesting observations keep notes of here. Might come back on this later if I am able to find an achievable solution.